“A Jazz that, in contrast to the more structured and scripted drifts of contemporary styles, focuses instead on interaction and ensemble sound. […] In its six tracks The Imaginary Roads proves to be a record of great narrative coherence in which the leader succeeds, through his own imaginary paths, in tracing the contours of a brilliant contemporary language”

Gianni De Vincenzi

Campobasso acts as a demiurge and does so without overpowering the rich personalities of his acolytes, putting his visceral music on the plate, with a sprawling architecture that embraces the past of jazz without any shortsightedness; indeed, finishing everything with the characteristic features of the best overseas jazz that has been sifted through that creative Europe that is giving so much to improvised music.

Alceste Ayroldi per Jazzitalia

Alessandro Campobasso, a young drummer and composer who can boast a rich jazz culture that he shows with both hands in this record, placing himself as a bridge between American culture and that of European extraction. The of him is a jazz that builds the foundations in the very structure of this music but that colors with the traits of its personality and Mediterranean cultural tradition.

Flavio Caprera